Who is Collage?
Collage is a Latin freestyle group.


Who were the members of Collage?
Most of Collage was Anthony Monteleone, who was the singer, and Adam Marano, who wrote and produced the songs. Adam Marano also ran the group’s label, Viper Records.
What makes them so important?
After Freestyle music lost much of its popularity in the early 1990s, they helped revitalize it, at least among underground audiences.
How did that happen?
Well, in 1994, their label’s parent company, Metropolitan, released a compilation titled Viper’s Freestyle Hit Parade. On that album was Collage’s Freestyle-reviivng song “I’ll Be Loving You.” Then, Chapter One, Collage’s debut album, was released the same year, with the hit “Gangster of Love,” featuring the voice of Denine.
Then what happened?
Marano went on to work with several other artists. It wasn’t until 5 years later that Collage released their follow-up album, Chapter II: 1999. Nevertheless, it produced a minor hit with “Angel.” Then, Chapter 3 was released in 2001, with the single “Tonight.”


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